Colonics Hydrotherapy in Ottawa
Colonics may help if you suffer from constipation, frequent colds, skin irritations, body odour, bad breath, backache, irritability, abdominal gas, fatigue, food cravings, allergies, menstrual troubles, digestive problems.

Colonics is a safe, effective method of removing excess waste from the large intestine. The waste that does not naturally get eliminated (for various reasons) stays in the colon, coating the walls of the colon, creating toxins due to fermentation and/or putrefaction. In addition, due to the walls being coated with old fecal matter, the natural wave like motion of the muscles in the colon walls are compromised which further slows down or stops proper elimination.

**NOTE: all of the aparatus used for colonics (speculum/hose) are SINGLE USE and disposed of after each client. A NEW kit is used for each client**

"I felt bloated and tired day after day. After body cleansing, I never felt happier or more energetic. It truly made me a believer!" --K.R.

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