What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs.  By introducing purified,temperature and pressure regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in the evacuation through natural muscular contraction of the colon.  The water also dilutes and helps in removing toxins from and parasites present in the colon.

Why should I be concerned about my colon?

The colon is the sanitary system of the body.  It is the place where we store waste material that most of us would rather not think about until our health becomes poor, or we feel constipated, or have diarrhea.  If our colon is not healthy and holding on to waste, we will not be healthy.

How many colonics will I need?

The number of sessions required will depend on the individual.  Everyone's state of health and personal goals will differ.  Colon hydrotherapy can be used as part of a regular health maintenance program for people who are interested in ongoing cleansing and toning of their inner body (usually 6 sessions 2x/year), or if someone suffers from chronic colon problems such as constipation, and requires removal of old waste followed by retraining of the bowel, the initial number of sessions will depend on the person's status.  Since the number of sessions required is determined on an individual basis, it is best to consult the colon hydrotherapist personally to discuss conditions and goals.

What is a colonic session like?

A session is a comfortable experience for most people.  It introduces no toxicity.  A well lubricated speculum is gently inserted into the rectum, going in only 1-2 inches.  A small amount of water flows in and out of the colon, stimulating the colon to release softened waste.  Water flows in and out of the colon several times to achieve a thorough irrigation.  Gentle abdominal massage may be used to stimulate release, as well as the use of essential oils if required.  The session lasts around 40-45 minutes, and clients are covered and warm throughout.  Privacy and dignity are maintained at all times.

Is there any risk of perforating the bowel?

The instrument used for colon hydrotherapy at Body Cleansing Systems has safety features which reduce the pressure of the water entering the colon.  It will not allow the pressure in the colon to exceed 2psi (as per FDA regulations).  Note that the pressure rarely builds beyond 1-1.5psi during a regular session.  The colon does not risk damage unless pressure builds past 5psi, therefore, the procedure is safe and gentle to the colon tissues.

Will a series of colonics affect friendly intestinal balance?

During a treatment session, some of the friendly and unfriendly bacteria is washed out and therefore reduced.  NOTE HOWEVER, that most people have a much higher concentration of unfriendly bacteria in their colon, which does need to be removed.  During a series of colonics, clients are encouraged to supplement with Acidophillus/Bifidus to ensure that the intestinal environment is conducive to the proliferation of more friendly bacteria. (out with the bad, in with the good)

Is a colonic the same as an enema?

NO.  An enema involves inserting a predetermined amount of solution into the colon, usually not reaching beyond the rectum & sigmoid, and an individual holding the solution as long as they can before evacuating.  This procedure is by no means equal to a total colon cleanse.  A colonic is an irrigation of the entire large intestine usually reaching the cecum (where the colon joins the small intestine).  No holding of solution takes place as water is inserted and then released immediately with each cycle.  There is no running to the toilet during the procedure as all waste is released in an enclosed system resulting in a comfortable experience with no mess or odour.

Will I become dependent on Colonics for my bowel movements?

NO.  A colonic session irrigates and cleans the colon, therefore improving the bowel's ability to move and produce better bowel movements on its own.  The water used does not create a dependency, normally bowel movements become more regular without use of colonics following a series of sessions.

Preparation for your colonic appointment

The prep for a colonic appointment is to eat lightly for 24 hours prior to the session, and NO FOOD for 2 hours before appointment. You may still drink non caffeinated beverages during those 2 hours however.

Individual recommendations may be made for follow up appointments depending on individual circumstances, but for your first session, the instructions above apply. If you have a health condition that requires you to eat during the 2 hours before the session, please contact service@bodycleansingsystems.com to discuss.

All visits are by appointment only. 


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